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Cancer-related fatigue

About Our Program

The Emory Mood and Anxiety Disorders Program has been conducting clinical research studies of psychiatric disorders for over 20 years. We specialize in performing high-quality research of new potential treatments for major depression, bipolar disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder and other anxiety disorders. At times, we also conduct studies comparing the effects of psychotherapy and medication for these disorders. Please see the sidebar of this page to learn more about our current studies.

The physicians in our research program are all members of the Emory University Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. Our studies are under the purview of the Emory Institutional Review Board, which helps to ensure that research ethics are maintained to a high standard, and that the confidentiality of participants is maximally protected.

We usually start 3 or 4 new studies per year, so if we are not currently conducting a study in an area you (or someone you know) is interested in, please check back for updates.

Our range of studies does not include research in schizophrenia, eating disorders, or substance-abuse problems. Unfortunately, people who are currently abusing alcohol or other drugs are not eligible to participate in any of our studies. Please visit our useful links page for further help in these areas.

If you would like to know more about our research studies, please visit our contact page for information on how to direct your questions.