Parenting and Adolescence

As young people make the transition from childhood into adolescence, their parents are sometimes anxious and bewildered by the new situations, contexts, and challenges their children present. Some changes are normative-changes involved in physical maturation, transition to middle school or high school, or onset of dating relationships. But the specter of potential negative outcomes in adolescence- for instance, delinquent behavior, reckless driving, substance use, or unintended pregnancy-make parents wary and concerned about maintaining good relationships with their teens.


Parenting Styles and the Effect they have on Children

Parenting is sometimes referred to as the hardest job in the world. Although there are millions of parenting books, your individual child is not born with a "how to raise me manual." Most parents look to their own parents, their friends and parental experts with questions they have on how to be an effective parent. Naturally, every parent has traits that they admire as well as a value system they wish to instill to enable their child to mature into a successful and morally just adult. However, parents partake in different methods to achieve the same goal. Unfortunately, not all methods are conducive in raising a healthy individual and may have a severe impact on child development.




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Substance use by adolescents is a critical public health concern and currently a major focus of prevention and treatment. With this background, substance use by children of alcoholics and other drug users is particularly worrisome. If your parents were alcoholics you have a four times greater risk of becoming alcoholic yourself, and cigarette smoking and other drug use highly correlated with alcohol abuse.



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