Karen Kuehn Howell, Ph.D.

Job Title: Assistant Professor

Phone: 404-712-9829


Current Projects: Currently involved in work on MSACD Project Prevention Grant, as well as "Maternal High Risk Behaviors" physician training grant.

Education: Ph.D. in Psychology, University of Memphis
M.S. in Psychology, University of Memphis
B.A. in Psychology, Emory University

Research Interests: Developmental consequences of prenatal drug exposure; developmental consequences of exposure to sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS; the developmental consequences of maternal high risk behaviors.

Clinical Interests: Developmental consequences of prenatal drug, sexually transmitted disease, and environmental toxin exposure; depressive disorders in childhood and adolescence.






Selected Publications:

Howell, K.K., Lynch, M.E., Platzman, K.A., Smith, G.H., & Coles, C.D. (In press).
Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and Ability, Academic Achievement and School Functioning in Adolescence: A Longitudinal Follow-Up. Journal of Pediatric Psychology.

Howell, K.K., Coles, C.D., & Kable, J. (2004). The Medical and Developmental
Consequences of Prenatal Drug Exposure. In Brick, J. (Ed.), Handbook of the Medical Consequences of Alcohol and Drug Abuse, pp. 281-302. Binghamton, NY: The Haworth Press.











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