Mary Ellen Lynch, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Phone:  404-712-9800

Projects:  Dr. Lynch has been a co-investigator on federally-funded longitudinal projects on effects of prenatal alcohol, cocaine and tobacco on development.  She is currently involved in prevention and education efforts for the project.

University of Nebraska at Omaha, B.A. in Psychology, 1973.
University of Nebraska at Omaha, M.A. in Psychology, 1975.
Cornell University, Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology, 1982.

Professional Interests:
Research interests include effects of maternal substance abuse on child, adolescent, and adult development; impact of parental characteristics and behavior on child and adolescent development; social perception skills

Selected Publications:
Lynch, M.E., Coles, C.D., Corley, T. C. & Falek, A.  (2003).  Examining delinquency   in adolescents differentially prenatally exposed to alcohol:  The role of proximal and distal risk factors.  Journal of Studies on Alcohol, 64(5), 678-686.

 Brown, J.V., Bakeman, R., Coles, C.D., Platzman, K.A., & Lynch, M.E. (2004).       Prenatal cocaine exposure:  A comparison of 2-year-old children in parental and nonparental care.   Child Development, 75 (4), 1282-1295.

Ma, X., Coles, C.D., Lynch, M.E., LaConte, S., Zurkiya, O. Wang, D., & Hu, X. (2005).  Evaluation of corpus callosum anisotropy in young adults with fetal alcohol syndrome   according to diffusion tensor imaging.  Alcoholism:  Clinical and Experimental Research, 29, 1214-1222.

Howell, K.K., Lynch, M.E., Platzman, K.A., Smith, G.H., & Coles, C.D. (2006).  Prenatal alcohol exposure and ability, academic achievement, and school functioning in adolescence:  A longitudinal follow-up.  Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 31, 116-126.

Kable, J.A., Coles, C.D., Lynch, M.E., & Platzman, K. (2008).  Physiological responses to social and cognitive challenges in 8-year-olds with a history of prenatal cocaine exposure.  Developmental Psychobiology, 50, 251-265.


Berg, J.P., Lynch, M.E., & Coles, C.D. (2008).  Increased mortality among women who drank alcohol during pregnancy.  Alcohol, 42, 603-610.

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Li, Z., Santhanam, P., Coles, C.D., Lynch, M.E., Hamann, S., Peltier, S., & Hu, X (2011, in press).  Increased “default mode” activity in adolescents prenatally exposed to cocaine. Human Brain Mapping.

Lynch, M.E., Johnson, K.J., Kable, J.A., Carroll, & Coles, C.D. (2011, in press).  Smoking in pregnancy and parenting stress:  Maternal psychological symptoms and socioeconomic status as potential mediating variables.  Nicotine and Tobacco Research