Sharron Paige-Whitaker

Job Title: Case Manager

Phone: 404 712-9818


Job Description: Coordinate Outreach activities as it relates to recruiting, contacting, scheduling, interviewing, retaining, and tracking participants in longitudinal studies.


GoFar: (An intervention for Affective and Metacognitive Control in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD)
CIFAS: (Marcus Neurodevelopmental Assessment Study; a multisite study)
MILE: (Math Interactive Learning Experience)

INFANT DEVELOPMENT STUDY, CHILD DEVELOPMENT STUDY, TEEN ASSESSMENT PROJECT, NLS (National Longitudinal Study), NELS (National Educational Longitudinal Study), NMES (National Medical Expenditure Study), NPSES (National Post Secondary Education Study), Women's Health Studies, Breast Cancer Study, Manpower Development Study of the PEACH program, and the NHSDA (National Household Survey on Drug Abuse).

Education: Georgia State University, Morris Brown College, " School of the Prophets" Bible Academy, and GACA approved addiction training.

Professional Interests or Specialties:

Facilitator: educating high risk groups in treatment and/or shelters to prevent drug/alcohol addiction. I also present at different elementary and pre schools.

Founder: BREAK FREE MINISTRIES, designed to teach youth how to educate peers about abstinence from high risk behaviors involving drugs, alcohol and sex.

Traveled to Africa 1994 and 1996 to speak on Addiction, Alcoholism and FAS.

Scientifically based educational materials for Prevention: Article titled "Addiction" and one titled "Tracking High-Risk Families in Longitudinal Studies".

Other interests and volunteer positions:

2011 graduate of PARTNERS in POLICY MAKING CLASS for Development Disabilities.
ATLANTA COUNCIL OF PTA'S Special Needs Chairperson Local schools parent mentor and workshp facilitator for ADHD; teaching youth Drugs/Alcohol prevention and how to resist media influences for high risk behaviors.


Lynch, M.E., Coles, C.D., Paige Whitaker, S., Bickelhaupt, R., & Dent, M.F.  Delinquency and behavior problems in alcohol-affected youth.  Poster presented at the meetings of the Society for Research on Adolescence, Chicago, Illinois, March 30-April 2, 2000.

Lynch, M.E., Corley, T.J., Platzman, K.A., & Paige-Whitaker, S.  Effects of parenting style on problem behaviors in alcohol-affected adolescents.  Poster presented at the meetings of the Society for Research on Child Development,  Tampa, FL, April 24-27, 2003.

Lynch, M.E., Coles, C.D., Paige-Whitaker, S., Foster, C., & Means, T. A descriptive study of social outcomes in alcohol-affected young adults.  Poster presented at meetings of the Research Society on Alcoholism, Baltimore, MD, June, 2006.

Coles, C.D., Lynch, M.E., Kable, J.A., Paige, S., & Hall, C.  Academic achievement of young adults prenatally exposed to alcohol.  Poster presented at the meetings of the Research Society on Alcoholism, Chicago, IL, July, 2007.