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Workshop A: Arousal Regulation

Workshop B: Games that Work

Workshop C: Math Intervention

Workshop D: Sleep

Welcome (Claire Coles)

Brain Basis for FASD

Imaging the Long-Term Effects of Drug Exposure

Developing Treatment Programs for ASD:

Developing Treatment Programs for ASD

Education and Behavior in FASD

Early Intervention Programs to Promote Self-regulation:

Clancy Blair

Panel Discussion—New Approaches (Paley)

Panel Discussion—New Approaches (Jacobson)

Review of Biological Interventions:

Biological Interventions (Thomas)

Maternal Nutrition (Chambers)

Postnatal Choline Supplements (Wozniak)

Providing Clinical Services:

Fetal Alcohol and Drug Clinic Atlanta (Coles)

Northern New Jersey FAS Diagnostic Center

Washington FAS DPN (Astley)

The Detroit Experience (Hannigan)

MOFAS Minnesota (Spencer)

Interventions For Youth with ADHD:

Interventions for Youth with ADHD (Evans)

Review of Behavioral and Psychosocial Interventions (Olson)

Working with Adolescents and Young Adults:

Growing into Young Adulthood (Tenkku)

Working with Affected Women (Grant)

Project Step-Up (O'Connor)


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Substance use by adolescents is a critical public health concern and currently a major focus of prevention and treatment. With this background, substance use by children of alcoholics and other drug users is particularly worrisome. If your parents were alcoholics you have a four times greater risk of becoming alcoholic yourself, and cigarette smoking and other drug use highly correlated with alcohol abuse.



Adults with FAS: Get Help (June 2005)

Parenting: Childhood Stress (March 2005)


Adoption and Development

College Drinking





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