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Adaptive Function in Adults Prenatally Exposed to Alcohol

Comorbidity: Addiction and Mental Illness

Developmental Disabilities, “Autism”, and Birth Defects in Children Exposed

The 5 “P’s” of Screening

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Effects on the Eye and Vision

Maternal Smoking and Behavior Problems

NIAAA Advises “How to Cut Down on Your Drinking”

Prenatally to Antiepileptic Drugs (AED)

Prevention Recommendations of the National Task Force on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Fetal Alcohol Effect

Prescription Opioids in Pregnancy

Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and Delinquent or Illegal Behavior

Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and Mental Health

Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and Physical Development: Birth to Adulthood

Academic Achievement of Young Adults Prenatally Exposed to Alcohol (2009)

Alcohol and Adolescent Brain Development (2009)

Alcohol and Drug Use in Young Adults with Prenatal Alcohol Exposure (2009)

Are Adolescent Girls More Prone to Alcohol, Drug Abuse? (2009)

Are Women More Vulnerable to Alcohol's Effects? (2009)

Binge Drinking in the Preconception Period (2009)

Effective Prevention of FASD (alc09).pdf (2009)

FASD: What Teachers Can Do (2009)

Increased Mortality Among Women Who Drank Alcohol During Pregnancy (2009)

Keys to Successful FASD Interventions (2009)

Learning & Memory in FAS (2009)

Low to Moderate Alcohol Use During Pregnancy (2009)

Mandatory Point of Purchase Messaging on Alcohol and Pregnancy (2009)

Math Performance and Behavior Problems in Children Affected by Prenatal Alcohol Exposure: Intervention and Follow-Up (2009)

New CDC Data Show Drinking While Pregnant Still a Problem (2009)

Should the Drinking Age be Changed to 18? (2009)

Surgeon General's Call to Action to Prevent and Reduce Underage Drinking (2009)

Postpartum Depression (2009)

Culturally Competent Care for Substance Abuse (2009)

America's Health Rankings Georgia (2009)

Cognition and Behavior: Improving Cognition with FASD (2009)

Early Sound Sensations and Language Development (2009)

Intervention Using Games for Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders (2009)

The Depiction of Drug Use in Video Games (oth09).pdf (2009)

Supporting Children's Mental Health (2009)

Alternatives to Alcoholic Beverages (2008)

Assessment of Alcohol Abuse (2008)

Assessment of Alcohol Dependance (2008)

Brief Interventions to Reduce Alcohol and Other Drug Use (2008)

Identification of Substance Abuse in Women (2008)

Effects of Prenatal Exposure to Marijuana (2008)

Long term effects of Low Birth Weight (2008)

The Effects of Maternal Depression on Social-Emotional Development (2008)

Children's Health Risks Associated with Second Hand Smoke Exposure (2008)

Smoking in Women (2008)

The Benefits of Smoking Cessation (2008)

Use of Lithium for Treatment of Bipolar Disorder During Pregnancy (2008)

Prenatal Exposure to Amphetamines (2008)

Principles of Effective Drug Treatment (2008)

Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (2008)

Bipolar Diagnosis in Youth (2008)

Fostering or Adopting a Child with FASD (2008)

Parent Involvement in Education (2008)

Risk to Children of Parental Substance Abuse (2008)

Alcohol Alternatives (2007)

Development of Aggression in Young Children of Alcoholic Parents (2007)

How Alcohol Affects the Brain: A fMRI Math Study (2007)

Preventing Alcohol Exposed Pregnancies (2007)

The Effects of Maternal Depression on Child Development (2007)

Institute of Medicine Issues Report on Health Care for Mental And Substance-Use Conditions (2007)

Risk Factors for Postpartum Depression (2007)

Does Preterm Birth Affect Children's Cognitive Ability? (2007)

The Effects of Maternal Stress and Anxiety During Pregnancy (2007)

Exposure to Secondhand Smoke (2007)

Would Different Warning Labels on Cigarettes Prevent Smoking? (2007)

Principles of Drug Abuse Treatment for Criminal Justice Populations (2007)

Prenatal Effects of Antiepileptic Medication Exposure (2007)

Talking to Children About Violence (2007)

Prenatal Cocaine Exposure and Infant Self (2007)

A Shot To Prevent Effects Of Mother (2007)

Fetal Programing (2007)

Reducing Alcohol Use Reduce Prematurity and Low Birth Weight (2007)

Marijuana-related Disorders on the Rise (2006)

An Update of the Effects of Cannabis on Health (2006)

Math Problems Identified in Children Exposed to Alcohol in Pregnancy (2006)

Alcohol Consumption Among Women Who Are Pregnant or Who Might Become Pregnant (2006)

Going the Extra MILE: A Math Tutoring Program for Alcohol Affected Kids (2006)

How Alcohol Affects the Brain (2006)

The FAS Tool Box (2006)

Inhalant Abuse (2006)

Women and Methamphetamine (2006)

Paxil and Pregnancy (2006)

Prenatal Exposure to Methamphetamine (2006)

Depression in Childhood (2006)

Trauma in Children and Related Learning Problems (2006)

Bullying and Children with Disabilities (2006)

Cyber-bullying (2006)

Type II Diabetes in Children (2006)

Neurodevelopmental Consequences of HIV / AIDS (2006)

Brewing Healthy Drinks (2006)

Identifying Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (2006)