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The mission of the Emory Autism Center is to help Georgia's people with autism spectrum disorders reach their full potential. Family support in the treatment process is the most crucial means of meeting this mission. No one can match a family's dedication to their child, and a knowledgeable family is a lifelong advocate.

When an autism spectrum disorder is diagnosed, families are helped to understand the range of possible outcomes and treatment options. Importantly, families are taught the specialized teaching strategies that enable them to contribute to their child's learning at home and in their community. When provided with information, training related to identification of family concerns and priorities, and ongoing support at the Emory Autism Center, families no longer feel helpless and alienated, stress subsides and the quality of life improves for all family members.

Intensive ABA Training
Options include training in: Communication, Appropriate Behavior,
Independence Skills, Toilet Training, etc.
Availability throughout the year
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