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The Monarch Program is proud to offer an Academic Clinic that provides individualized instruction in reading decoding, comprehension, written expression and math skills. Lessons are focused on the student's specific learning goals and objectives. Students with Autism/Asperger's Disorder often demonstrate deficits in the understanding of abstract concepts of written text, sequencing of story components, identifying major and minor characters and other aspects of language arts. This can lead to lack of motivation for school work and declining grades. Estimating, making inferences, predicting outcomes, perspective taking and symbolic concepts are all involved in reading and math. The Monarch Program Academic Clinic targets these skill sets to provide best practices in instruction for students with autism spectrum disorders.

The Curriculum

The SRA Reading Mastery - Fast Cycle Series has been critically praised for its effectiveness in teaching students with Autism to read. Lessons focus on teaching decoding skills, word meaning and comprehension, while integrating phonics instruction throughout the sessions. This series focuses on building confidence in reading, and supplemental Take-Home Workbooks will help families instill these important values in their child. Additional books, materials and strategies will be used in order to optimize, reinforce, and maintain the student's interest in reading.

Sessions and Cost

Tutoring sessions will be conducted and supervised by trained Emory Autism Center staff members. One hour sessions will be scheduled from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday at a convenient time for both the client and the Reading Tutor. Those interested in accessing the Academic Clinic can obtain detailed cost information by calling the Emory Autism Center and requesting the information from the Monarch Program Academic Clinic. Students may attend either one or two hour-long sessions per week, though a twice-weekly session is optimum. Families will be provided with an assessment of their child's reading ability, on-going progress notes, as well as homework assignments, and information regarding other strategies that can complement the tutoring sessions.

Learning to read is one of life's greatest advantages, but is often quite a challenge for students with Autism. Reading can increase confidence and provide a sense of accomplishment for any child. We welcome the chance to assist your child in these areas. Click for Academic Clinic Flyer


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From Early Childhood to High School & Beyond:
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July 25 and 26 , 2013
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