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Research Study Information Form

The Mind Body Program of Emory University is recruiting participants for a study on Compassion-based and Mindfulness meditation to examine the effects of meditation interventions on emotional well-being and medical health. Three interventions will be tested, two of which will involve training in meditation, and the third will provide education on a number of important health topics in a supportive group environment. The study includes completing a number of assessments, and will require two separate visits to the research unit of Emory University Hospital. At each visit, volunteers will spend one day at the hospital research unit, and will undergo various study procedures that include placement of an IV (intravenous line). Volunteers will also attend a meditation or health education training class one evening per week for 8 weeks, and will wear a digital audio recorder for 2 weekends. Volunteers who complete all study procedures will be compensated $435 for their time.

Please complete the following items and we'll get back to you as soon as we can with more information.


  1. Commit approximately 40 hours over the course of the study for study procedures.
  2. Commit two hours per week for eight weeks to attend the study training classes.
  3. Age 25 - 55.
  4. Medically healthy.

You cannot participate if you:

  1. You currently have a serious medical or neurological condition or are taking psychiatric medications such as antidepressants, mood stabilizers or antipsychotics
  2. Are currently abusing drugs or alcohol, or if you have a history (in the past six months) of alcohol or drug dependency
  3. Are pregnant or plan to become pregnant during the study period
  4. Are obese (a body mass index ? 30)
  5. Chronically use anti-inflammatory or immunosuppressive agents

Please complete the following items and we'll get back to you as soon as we can with more information.

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