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2010 Faculty Development Award Winners

DemetrashviliDistinguished Clinician Award

Dr. Marina Demetrashvili is an Assistant Professor who has been based for many years at Grady Healthcare. Her areas of clinical interest include providing exceptional clinical care to individuals with severe and persistent mental illness and integrating mental health services into the interdisciplinary treatment plan of patients with various types of cancer. She is a highly sought after and well respected clinical supervisor of medical students, residents and fellows. Dr. D, as she is fondly called, is very grateful for the honor of receiving the Distinguished Clinician Award from our department this year. The award is in recognition of the outstanding, compassionate service that she has provided at the FOCUS program and at the Grady Cancer Center for Excellence since 2002.   Dr. D is praised for her clinical acumen, outstanding sense of personal responsibility, and exceptional dedication.

YoungDistinguished Scientific Contributions Award

Dr. Larry Young, the William P. Timmie Professor, is Chief of the Division of Behavioral Neuroscience and Psychiatric Disorders at the Yerkes National Primate Center. Dr. Young was awarded the 2010 Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award for his internationally acclaimed research elucidating the neurobiology and genetics underlying social behaviors and social attachment.  His work not only provides a foundation for understanding the social brain, but has important implications for identifying novel treatment strategies to improve social cognition and social function in psychiatric disorders such as Autism and Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders. He is currently investigating the possibility of using drugs that stimulate oxytocin release in the brain for enhancing social cognition in animal models, and hopes to conduct similar studies in patient populations in the coming years.

StoweDistinguished Mentor Award – Clinician/Educator

Zachary Stowe, M.D. is a Professor and Director of the Women’s Mental Health Program.   In 1991, Dr. Stowe established the Women’s Mental Health Program, a clinical research program that has been recognized nationally and internationally. Dr. Stowe’s interests are in perinatal psychiatry and in the vertical transmission of vulnerability and resilience in neurodevelopment. His educational and training efforts focus on the impact of maternal illness and its treatment during pregnancy and the postpartum period on obstetrical outcome and child neurodevelopment, the pharmacokinetics/pharmacogenetics of medications during pregnancy and lactation, and the impact of sex steroids on neuropsychiatric illnesses. Dr. Stowe is the first recipient of the Distinguished Mentor Award – Clinician/Educator. His many mentees commented on how he helps them determine their own career trajectories, teaches and challenges them daily, serves as a role model for remarkable dedication to patient care, provides feedback that is honest, and approaches the mentoring task with respect to clinician, education, and research with equal vigor.

Distinguished Service Award

Dr. Keith Wood, an Associate Professor in Emory University’s Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. During his tenure at Emory/Grady, he has developed innovative psychiatric programs (e.g., Crisis Stabilization Unit). Since 1998, he has served as the Center Director, Central Fulton Community Mental Health Center. He is well known for initiating an inter-agency systems approach in the community treatment of severely mentally ill individuals, an on-school-site adolescent substance abuse program, an adult partial hospitalization program, a central intake and referral system for substance abuse services, and mental health/criminal justice intervention program and services.  He has been actively involved with the Regional Homeless Services Taskforce, the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, and the National Mental Health Association of Georgia, City of Atlanta Department of Corrections, Fulton County courts, and Grady Emergency Medical Service.   Dr. Wood epitomizes the definition of service.