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April 2010

Welcome to the Monthly Faculty Development Report for April 2010. In this report, I provide an update on the Faculty Conference Reports, a reminder about the mentoring panel, and a listing of Faculty Kudos. Remember, please email me ( about your accomplishments so that I can share those with the faculty.

Faculty Conference Reports

I am pleased to report that we completed 43 conference reports for the School of Medicine. We are now seeking feedback from all reviewers and all faculty members who were reviewed so that we can improve the process for the future. If you were a reviewer or were reviewed and receive a survey monkey request, please compete it.

Faculty Kudos

  • Peter Ash co-authored a commentary in the Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and Law related to the Mental Status Examination in the age of the internet – challenges and opportunities.
  • A number of members in the department, including Elisabeth Binder, Mike Owens, Wei Liu, Bekh Bradley, and Kerry Ressler, had a paper published in the April 2010 Archives of General Psychiatry, “Association of polymorphisms in genes regulating the corticotrophin-releasing factor system with antidepressant treatment response.”
  • Michelle Broth received the Camping Magazine’s 2010 Golden Quill Award for her article “Creating camp narratives to enhance emotional growth of HIV+ youth”.
  • Michael T. Compton, who recently was awarded promotion to the rank of Associate Professor with tenure, will be receiving a 2010 NAMI Exemplary Psychiatrist Award, which will be presented at the APA Annual Meeting in New Orleans in May. 
  • Ed Craighead is co-editor with Irv Weiner of the recently published and very comprehensive Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology.
  • Ben Druss is co-author on a paper published in the April 2010 Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine on metabolic screening in children receiving antipsychotic drug treatment.
  • Boadie Dunlop co-authored a response to treatment with placebo, medication or psychotherapy in severe non-psychotic major depressive disorder in Current Psychiatry Reviews and is first author in an upcoming article in Psychiatry Research on the correlation between patient and clinician assessments of depression severity in the PREVENT study.
  • Gene Farber presented a very well received continuing education workshop on Time Limited Dynamic Psychotherapy (TLDP). He provides a supervisory seminar on TLDP for residents and psychology interns and postdoctoral fellows.
  • Chanda Graves has been selected to participate in the 2nd Transforming Community Dialogue on the Grady Campus.
  • Paul Holtzheimer wrote a commentary in Biological Psychiatry on focal neuromodulation for the treatment of depression, as well as co-authored a review of the neuropsychologic effects of neuromodulation techniques for treatment-resistant depression for Brain Stimulation.
  • In March 2010 in the American Journal of Psychiatry, Tanja Jovanovic and Kerry Ressler published a paper, How the neurocircuitry and genetics of fear inhibition may inform our understanding of PTSD. Also, Tanja in collaboration with a number of other faculty in the department, including Seth Norrholm, Michael Davis, Erica Duncan, and Bekh Bradley had a paper appear in Depression and Anxiety related to impaired fear inhibition as a biomarker of PTSD, but not depression.
  • Nadine Kaslow’s research on risk and protective factors for psychological adjustment among low-income, African American children appeared in the Journal of Family Issues.
  • Helen Mayberg was a co-author on a paper entitled minding one’s emotions: mindfulness training alters the neural expression of sadness that appeared in Emotion.
  • Dominique Musselman is an author on a paper in Psychiatry Research pertaining to depression and platelet activation in outpatients with stable coronary heart disease: Findings from the Heart and Soul Study, as well as a co-author in a soon to be published paper in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research on combined exercise and cognitive behavioral therapy and outcomes in patients with heart failure.
  • Jeff  Newport and Zach Stowe were co-authors on a paper in Journal of Psychopharmacology in which they reviewed the psychopharmacological treatment algorithm for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).
  • Michael Owens and Kerry Ressler, and Don Rainnie are co-authors on a recent paper in Biological Psychiatry entitled A novel transgenic mouse for gene-targeting within cells that express corticotrophin-releasing factor.
  • The work of Lisa Parr and her colleagues at Yerkes National Primate Research Center was highlighted in Science. This work examines the connection between chimp’s puckered lips, raised eyebrows and grins with emotional states such as aggression, surprise, and lasciviousness.
  • Chuck Raison was promoted to the rank of Associate Professor with Tenure.
  • David Ready, Robert Gerardi, Nathan Mascaro, Barbara Rothbaum and other colleagues at the VA published their work comparing virtual reality exposure therapy to present-centered therapy with 11 U.S. Vietnam veterans with PTSD in Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking.