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June 2010

Wow, we have had a lot of faculty accomplishments this past month. Below are some Faculty Kudos for June 2010. Thanks to those of you who have shared your accomplishments with me, as I am happy to share them with the rest of the faculty. I also welcome the chance to be a sleuth and find out what folks are doing.  Please continue to drop me a line about your presentations, community activities, publications, grants, leadership appointments, etc.

Peter Ash is a co-editor with Elissa Benedek and Charles Scott on the following book: Principles and practice of child and adolescent forensic mental health.

Marianne Celano has been elected President Elect of the Society of Family Psychology (Division 43) of the American Psychological Association.

Claire Coles and her colleagues received an award from the Spray Foundation and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for a Conference, "Taking the Next Step: Innovative Interventions for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders" to be held at the Emory Conference Center, October 21-23, 2010. CEUs will be offered to psychologists, social workers and teachers.  In addition, Claire, along with many of her colleagues, including Julie Kable and Mary Ellen Lynch have had a very productive year publishing papers related to fetal alcohol syndrome in youth and adults and the impact of maternal substance use (alcohol, smoking, cocaine) on children in such journals as Neurotoxicology and Teratology, Human Brain Mapping, Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, Alcohol, and Prevention Science.

 Michael Compton and his police/Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) research team published three articles in the June issue of the Journal of Police Crisis Negotiations, on a focus group study of a CIT presence at Atlanta's airport, a basic review of de-escalation skills for law enforcement officers, and a review of system-level barriers to full CIT implementation. NAMI-Georgia and Michael Compton are receiving a $2 million foundation grant for the "Opening Doors to Recovery in Southeast Georgia" project, which focuses on a novel case management service ("community navigation specialists") aimed at reducing recidivism in and out of Savannah regional hospital, southeast-region jails, and homelessness.  Approximately $650K of this grant will support the 2-year research project that will be conducted by Michael and his co-investigators, Ben Druss and Mary Kelley.

Jocelyn Cox-Smith received the 2010 Medical Student Teaching Award from the Emory Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. Ray Kotwicki underscored her dedicated and innovative approach to teaching psychiatry to medical students.  

Arden Dingle published a paper in Academic Psychiatry  entitled “Child psychiatry: What are we teaching medical students? In addition, she is the current Chair of the Ethics Committee for the American Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, as well as the Chair of the Child Caucus for the American Association of Directors of Psychiatric Residency Training.

Ben Druss and Thom Bornemann published in JAMA and paper entitled “Improving health and health care for persons with serious mental illness.”

Scott Firestone was selected as one of Atlanta’s Top Doctors according to Atlanta Magazine.

Larry Giustra was very touched to receive the PGY-4 Teacher Award, presented to him by Lisa Madsen on behalf of the residents. His psychotherapy seminar is one of the most popular educational activities in the department.

Mark Goodman won the 2010 Michael J. Welch Award. The Radiopharmaceutical Science Council of the Society of Nuclear Medicine grants this Award to internationally recognized scientific leaders in the fields of Nuclear Medicine and Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry. Dr. Goodman will receive his prize at the 2010 SNM Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City.

For his excellent teaching efforts at Wesley Woods, Hisam Goueli received the PGYII Teacher Award. This award was presented by Lisa Madsen on behalf of the residents.

Ebrahim Haroon was a co-author of a paper in Psychosomatic Medicine on “Evidence of early retinal microvascular changes in patients with Type 2 diabetes and depression.

Paul Holtzheimer was pleased to receive the PGYIII Teacher Award for his superb teaching and supervisory efforts in the Psychopharmacology Clinic. This award was presented by Lisa Madsen on behalf of the residents.

Tanja Jovanovic and Kerry Ressler published a paper in the American Journal of Psychiatry regarding “How the neurocircuitry and genetics of fear inhibition may inform our understanding of PTSD.”

 Laura Mee and her colleagues published a paper on the relationship between adolescent renal transplant recipients’ perceived adversity, coping, and medical adherence in the Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings.

Walid Nassif was honored by Bill McDonald with the Psychiatry Residency Educator of the Year Award. He has helped to mentor many residents.

Chuck Raison, Bobbi Woolwine and Andy Miller published in Biological Psychiatry a paper titled “ Chronic interferon-alpha administration disrupts sleep continuity and depth in patients with hepatitis C: Association with fatigue, motor slowing, and increased evening cortisol.

Ann Schwartz received the Teacher Award from the PGYI class. She was honored for her excellent teaching in Grady’s Crisis Intervention Service, as well as her availability to the residents. This award was presented by Lisa Madsen on behalf of the residents.

Karen Schwartz was delighted to receive the Clinical Faculty Supervisor award from Carol Levy.

Larry Tune is on the Atlanta Magazine’s Best Doctors list for the 15th time.

Enjoy your summer,