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January 2011

Teaching Portfolio Workshop

PLEASE SAVE THE DATES! Our next faculty development workshop will be on Wednesday March 16 from 9-10:30am in the Harland Cinema in the DUC. Kate Heilpern, MD, Chair of Emergency Medicine, who has real expertise on the topic will be our lead presenter. Details will follow later about other presenters. I am still hoping to compile a list of things that people have included in their teaching portfolios, so please send me that information. THANKS (

Faculty Kudos

In keeping with the request from the SOM, I will now present the monthly faculty kudos
in accord with their format. Therefore, please send me any accomplishments that you
have that fit under any of these categories.

Major Leadership Appointments, Activities, and Achievements

Ed Craighead is the Editor of Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice.

Nadine Kaslow was invited to chair Emory University’s Committee on Class, Labor, and Work.

Barbara Rothbaum appointment as a committee member to the Institute of Medicine’s Study on Assessment of Ongoing Efforts in the Treatment of PTSD.

Larry Tune was just elected to the Board of Directors of the American Association of Geriatric Psychiatry for a three year term.

Larry Young was elected the first Secretary/Treasurer of the newly formed Society for Social Neuroscience, which is an international society established last year with more than 1000 members.


Carolyn Knight (the Psychiatry Clerkship Coordinator for Medical Students) was awarded the honor of “Coordinator of the Year” for 2010. She has been a wonderful partner for Ray Kotwicki and a great departmental citizen.

Michael Kuhar, Chuck Raison, and Karen Drexler were extremely well received professors in the second session of THE UNIVERSITY COURSE: METHLAND. Their class was on the biological bases of drug addiction and meth use.  Their contributions were acknowledged by Laurie Patton, Director of the Center for Faculty Development and Excellence.


Bekh Bradley and colleagues published the following paper: Westen, D., DeFife, J.A., Bradley, B., & Hilsenroth, M.J. (2010). Prototype personality diagnosis in clinical practice: A viable alternative for DSM-5 and ICD-11. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 41, 482-487. DOI: 10.1037/a0021555

Claire Coles and her colleagues have a number of papers in press:
(1) Deshpande , G, Li, Z, Santhanam, P,  Coles, CD, Lynch, CD, Hamann , S, & Hu, X.
(2010) Recursive cluster elimination based support vector machine for disease state
prediction using resting state functional & effective brain connectivity. PLoS ONE, 9,  

9;5(12):e14277.PMID: 21151556; (2) Coles, CD, Goldstein, F, Lynch, ME, Chen, X
Kable, JA, Johnson, KC, & Hu, X (2011). Memory and brain volume in adults prenatally
exposed to alcohol. Brain and Cognition, 75, 67-77. PMID 21067853.

Ayman Fareed, Karen Drexler, and colleagues at the VA published the following two papers: Fareed, A., Vayalapalli, S., Casarella, J., Amar, R., & Drexler, K. (2010). Heroin anti-craving medications: A systematic review. American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 36, 332-341; Fareed, A., Vayalapalli, S,, Stout, S., Casarella, J., Drexler, K., & Bailey SP (2011). Effect of methadone maintenance treatment on heroin craving: A literature review. Journal of Addictive Diseases, 30, 27-38. PMID: 21218308

Ann Schwartz and colleagues authored a case report: Lloyd, R.B., Perkins, R.E., & Schwartz, A.C. (2010). Choreoathetosis in the setting of lithium toxicity. Psychosomatics, 51, 521-531. DOI: 10.1176/appi.psy.51.6.529

Honors, Awards, and Rankings

Tanja Jovanovic received the NARSAD Young Investigator Award for 2011.

Quality and Safety Initiatives

None reported

Development Achievement and Capital Campaign Initiatives

None reported


Nothing new reported

Other Accomplishments

Patrick Haggard has been appointed to the Emory University Hospital Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee.

Bill McDonald reported the following service at the Regional and State level in 2010: Special mental health advisor to Governor Purdue; President, Georgia Psychiatric Physicians Association; Advisory Board, Skyland Trail; Scientific Advisor to the National Mental Health Association of Georgia’s NIMH Outreach Partnership Program; Curriculum Committee, Georgia Psychiatric Physicians Association; and Board of Trustees of the Georgia Psychiatric Physicians Association. At the Institutional level, he serviced on the Quality Council, Emory University Hospital; Chair, Progress and Promotions Committee for Third and Fourth Year Medical Students; Medical Leadership Committee, Wesley Woods Geriatric Hospital; Credentialing Committee, Wesley Woods Geriatric Hospital; Emory University School of Medicine Executive Curriculum Committee; Wesley Woods Hospital Medical Leadership Committee; and Progress and Promotions Committee for Emory University School of Medicine for Third and Fourth Year Medical Students. 

Phyllis Rosen is now the Senior Project Coordinator – Special Projects for the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. Her role is designed to raise awareness and community support for the department.