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March 2011

Teaching Portfolio Workshop

The teaching portfolio workshop will be rescheduled for this summer. In the meantime, I would like copies of as many teaching portfolios as I can secure from faculty members. Therefore if you are willing to send me a copy of your portfolio, that would be must appreciated. I recommend the books by Seldin on teaching portfolios.

Farewell to Paul Holtzheimer, MD

Paul Holtzheimer has taken a position as an Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Surgery Director in the Mood Disorders Service at the Dartmouth Medical School effective July 1, 2011. Paul joined the faculty at Emory in August 2004 (his first faculty position). Helen Mayberg and Bill McDonald have served as his mentors. On the clinical side, he has done ECT, worked in the Fuqua Center for Late-Life depression and, more recently, established a treatment-resistant depression consultation clinic. Four years ago, he took over as director of the resident psychopharmacology clinic (a required third year rotation) and turned this into a faculty-supervised clinic. Under his direction, this clinic has been very successful. On the educational side, he has coordinated the mood disorders component of the resident didactics since 2005, and he teaches in several didactics/courses in the psychiatry residency, neuroscience graduate school and rehab psychology internship. He has supervised a number of residents over the years in elective rotations. On the research side, he began his time at Emory working with on two major TMS studies for depression. He also worked closely with Helen to design and conduct an ongoing study of deep brain stimulation for treatment-resistant depression. In 2005, he was accepted into Emory’s K12/MSCR program, and he got a K23 in 2007.

At Dartmouth, he will be Associate Professor in the Departments of Psychiatry and Surgery (specifically in the division of neurosurgery). He will be Director of the Mood Disorders Service and will be building mood disorders neuroimaging and brain stimulation programs. He will specifically attempt to coordinate and organize mood disorders clinical and research activities across Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, the White River Junction VA hospital and New Hampshire hospital (the state MH hospital).

Faculty Kudos

I will continue to report faculty kudos as I received them from the faculty or as I become aware of them. I would really appreciate it if you would let me know of your accomplishments, especially the ones that may be more challenging to find on line. It is so helpful when folks email me about their publications. Please also let me know about leadership appointments, educational activities, grants secured, community efforts, etc.

Major Leadership Appointments, Activities, and Achievements

None reported


Bill McDonald was appointed as the Vice Chair for Education for the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.


Claire Coles and her colleagues recently had a paper accepted for publication:

  • Lynch, M.E., Johnson, K.C., Kable, J.A., Carroll, J.A., & Coles, C.D. (2011, in press).  Smoking in pregnancy and parenting stress:  The role of maternal psychopathology as a mediating variable. Nicotine and Tobacco Research.

Michael Compton and his colleagues at Emory published the following article:

  • Compton, M.T., Gordon, T.L., Goudling, S.M., Esterberg, M.L., Carter, T., Leiner, A.S., Weiss, P.S., Druss, B.G., Walker, E.F., & Kaslow, N.J. (2011). Patient-level predictors and clinical correlates of duration of untreated psychosis among hospitalized first-episode patients. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 72, 225-232. doi: 10.4088/JCP.09m05704yel

Ed Craighead and his colleagues have had the following papers published recently:

  • Arnarson, E.O., & Craighead, W.E. (2011). Prevention of depression among Icelandic adolescents: A 12-month follow-up. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 49, 170-174. doi: 10.1016/j.brat.2010.12.008 
  • Muralidharan, A., Sheets, E.S., Madsen, J., Craighead, L.W., & Craighead, W.E. (2011). Interpersonal competence across domains: Relevance to personality pathology. Journal of Personality Disorders, 25, 16-27. doi: 10.1521/pedi.2011.25.1.16

Joe Cubells and his colleagues had the following paper accepted for publicatoin:

  • Lori, A., Tang, Y., O’Malley, S., Picciotto, M.R., Wu, R., Conneely, K.N., & Cubells, J.F. (2011). The Galanin Receptor 1 Gene associated with tobacco craving in smokers seeking cessation treatment. Neuropsychopharmacology, doi: 10.1038/npp.2011.25

Andy Miller and his colleagues have the following in press article:

  • Felger, J.C., Alagbe, O., Pace, T.W.W., Woolwine, B., Hu, F., Raison, C.L., & Miller, A.H. (in press). Early activation of p38 mitogen activated protein kinase is associated with interferon-alpha-induced depression and fatigue. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity. doi: 10.1016/j.bbi.2011.02.015 

Congratulations to Kerry Ressler and his colleagues for their publication in Nature:

  • Ressler, K.J., Mercer, K.B., Bradley, B., Jovanovic, T., Mahan, A., Kerley, K., Norrholm, S.D., Kilaru, V., Smith, A.K., Myers, A.J., Ramirez, M., Engel, A., Hammack, S.E., Toufexis, D., Braas, K.M., Binder, E.B., & May, V. (2011). Post-traumatic stress disorder is associated with PACAP and the PAC1 receptor. Nature, 470, 492-497. DOI: 10.1038/nature09856

Ann Schwartz had two case reports published with residents and faculty colleagues:

  • Weinschenk, K. & Schwartz, A.C. (2011). A case report of closed-eye hallucinations.” (Letter to the Editor). Psychosomatics, 52, 86-87. Doi: 10.1016/j.psym.2010.11.008
  • Lavakumar, M, Garlow, S.J., & Schwartz, A.C. (2010). A case of returning psychosis. Current Psychiatry, 10, 51-57.

Alicia Smith and her colleagues have had the following papers accepted for publication:

  • Smith, A.K., Newport, D.J., Ashe, M.P. Brennan, P.A., LaPrairie, J.L., Calamaras, M., Nemeroff, C.B., Ritchie, J.C., Cubells, J.F., & Stowe, Z.N.. (in press). Predictors of neonatal hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis activity at delivery. Clinical Endocrinology. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2265.2011.03998.x
  • Brennan, P.A., Hammen, C., Sylvers, P., Bor, W., Najman, J., Lind, P., Montgomery, G., & Smith, A.K. (in press). Interactions between the COMT Val108/158Met polymorphism and maternal prenatal smoking predict aggressive behavior outcomes.  Biological Psychiatry.

Honors, Awards, and Rankings

Bill McDonald was honored with the “Psychiatrist of the Year” Award from the Georgia Psychiatric Physician’s Association.

Belinda McIntosh was selected by Southern College Health Association to receive the 2011 Affiliate New Professional Award.

Jeff Rakofsky was selected to attend the 2011 Career Development Institute for Bipolar Disorder at the University of Pittsburgh.

Quality and Safety Initiatives

None reported

Development Achievement and Capital Campaign Initiatives

None reported

Community Benefit Programs and Other Activities

Nothing new reported


Nothing new reported

Other Accomplishments

Marianne Celano had a short story entitled In Both, Wisdom, published on Raphael’s Village,
Seth Norrholm did an interview with the Department of Defense that reviews the work he is doing at the VA with OIF/OEF veterans with combat PTSD. The link can be found at
Mike Owens gave invited presentations at the Department of Psychiatry’s Translational Neuroscience seminar series at the University of Pittsburgh Feb 28 and the department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Duquesne University on Feb 25th with a talks entitled “Rational Development of a Drug for Depression – One Lab’s Experience with CRF1 Antagonists”
Alicia Smith will be serving on study section for an NIH special emphasis panel for Epigenetics in Neurodevelopment.
Keith Wood is now board certified in clinical psychology through the American Board of Professional Psychology.