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October 2011


Zach Stowe came to Emory in 1991 to complete his residency/fellowship and continue his mentorship under Charles B. Nemeroff.  He joined the faculty in 1992 and served as director of Adult Inpatient Psychiatry from 1993-1997. Zach founded the Women’s Mental Health Program (WMHP) in 1991 and focused his clinical and research efforts in perinatal psychiatry. With the enormous contributions of his colleagues – Jeffrey Newport, Michael Owens, James Ritchie, and others, the WMHP grew to one of largest extramurally funded women’s psychiatry programs.  He has directed two center grants (P50) from NIH – a Specialized Center for Research (SCOR) and a Translational Research Center in Behavioral Sciences (TRCBS).   The WMHP has established research and training collaborations with faculty from 9 different institutions (Cleveland, Columbia, McMasters, MGH, MUSC, SUNY, UAMS, UCLA, UNC).  Their collaborative work on the use of psychotropic medications during pregnancy and lactation has defined fetal and neonatal exposure, contributing to the development of treatment guidelines for mental illness in pregnancy.  Throughout his tenure at Emory, he has remained dedicated to mentoring/teaching serving on the mentoring team on four NIH K23 awards and was awarded the distinguished Mentor Award from the Emory Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences in 2010.

Zach will be relocating to the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) in Little Rock.  He was jointly recruited by the departments of Psychiatry, Pediatrics, and Obstetrics & Gynecology.  He will be working with the Psychiatric Research Institute, Arkansas Children’s Hospital Research Institute, the FDA Nutrition Center, and the state funded ANGELS program for high risk pregnancies to establish a statewide system for women’s mental health and child neurodevelopment.  This new program will utilize telemedicine for clinical and research goals, include a teen pregnancy program, and a transgenerational biorepository in collaboration with Jeff Newport. He will be continuing his collaborations with his Emory colleagues, and looks forward to seeing the future growth of the Emory WMHP.


Robert T. (Bobby) Elliott will be moving to the Emory University Student Health and Counseling Services, where he will become a Staff Psychiatrist.  Since completing his Emory Psychiatry residency in 2007, Bobby has worked both at Grady Hospital, including emergency psychiatry services, and at the Tufts House.   Bobby has extensive experience and interest in mood disorders, depression, anxiety disorders and resident teaching.

Save the Date

The next faculty development workshop will be held on Wednesday February 1 from 9-10:30am and will focus on the creation of the Service Portfolio. There will be a subsequent workshop on Wednesday April 19 from 9-10:30am focused on the creation of a Personal Statement for promotion packets.

Faculty Kudos

Major Leadership Appointments, Activities and Achievements

Nadine Kaslow is the site PI for a multi-site trial funded by NIMH for a grant entitled Implementation of an evidence-based treatment for complex PTSD in public sector mental health settings. This psychosocial intervention trial is based at Grady and the target population is women with PTSD and a history of interpersonal trauma.

Kerry Ressler, Barbara Rothbaum, and Deb Houry were awarded an NIMH grant, Prospective Determination of Psychobiological Risk Factors for PTSD. This project is based at Grady and is designed to determine biomarkers of PTSD in the acute aftermath of trauma.


The Psychology Division at Grady is sponsoring a Continuing Education Workshop on Friday November 18, 2011 from 1:30-4:30pm by Steve Walfish on Financial Success in Independent Practice: Practical Strategies and Ethical Practice. For details contact Chaundrissa Smith at


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Honors, Awards, Rankings

Marianne Celano received a blue ribbon for the following poster, which was presented at the 2011 Biennial Parent-Child Interaction Therapy International Convention in Gainesville, FL – Reis, C., Santorelli, N., Brestan-Knight, E., and Celano, M.P.  (September 2011). Behind the mirror in Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT): A family systems intervention.

Boadie Dunlop received the Distinguished Poster Award, International Society for CNS Clinical Trials and Methodology. The reviewers commented that the work of Boadie and his colleagues contributes significantly to the field of psychiatry trials.

Bobby Elliott, Susan Chance, and Bruce Rudisch will be officially graduating from the Emory Psychoanalytic Institute in November 2011.

Helen Mayberg has been listed as one of the Game Changes in the Emory School of Medicine and she was recently featured in Discover Magazine.

Carol Webb has begun her term as President of the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards.

Quality and Safety Initiatives

No new initiatives to report.

Development Achievement and Capital Campaign Initiatives

No new initiatives to report.

Community Benefit Programs and Activities

 No new programs to report.

Resident and Psychology Training Kudos

Avahabzadeh, A. (2011). What is interventional psychiatry. The Resident’s Journal, 6, 9/

Waguih, W. I., Greenberg, J.M., Saah, T., Mobaraki, S., Fakhry, H., Wu, Q., Ngor, E., Yu, F., & Cohen, W.M. (in press). Development and validation of the individual burden of illness index for major depressive disorder (IBI-D). Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research.