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December 2012


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Major Leadership Appointments, Activities and Achievements

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Honors, Awards, Rankings

Joe Cubells is Director of Medical and Adult Services at the Emory Autism Center (EAC). The EAC Adult Program has just been awarded a $100,000 patient-services contract by the Georgia Department of  Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) to support its work with adults with autism spectrum disorders. The Contract is in effect from October 1, 2012-June 30, 2013

Quality and Safety Initiatives

For the hospital based inpatient psychiatric services core measures for quality improvement, there is 94% compliance in the current quarter.

The Department’s Quality Committee is currently reviewing outcome measures in order to make recommendations to Dr. Rapaport and the Executive Committee on a set of metrics for clinical practice.

Development Achievement and Capital Campaign Initiatives

We are pleased to announce that Margaret H. Jones  has made known a substantial bequest to the Departments of Psychiatry and Neurosurgery to support brain research.  This estate plan is being made to inspire others to consider doing the same.  We will be involving Ms. Jones in helping us revive our Advisory Board for the Department as well.

Community Benefit Programs and Activities

A number of faculty did a lot of media interviews in the wake of the CT shootings, most notably Nadine Kaslow, Ray Kotwicki, Joe Cubells, and Peter Ash.


David Goldsmith wrote Test Your Knowledge multiple choice questions for the December issue of the American Journal of Psychiatry Residents Journal.

Dorian Lamis is President of the local chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Boadie Dunlop, Belinda McIntosh and Jeff Rakofsky are board members.

Pompili, M., Montebovi, F., Forte, A., Palermo, M., Stefani, H., Giodano, G., Longo, L., Lamis, D. A.,  Serafini, G., & Girardi, P. (2012). Support management in schizophrenia: A systematic review of current literature. Journal of Patient Intelligence, 4, 79-101. DOI: 10.2147/PI.SI8809

Nisha Shah will be presenting her work on the Emory Cultural Psychiatry Clinical to the Society for the Study of Psychiatry and Culture as well as at the upcoming American Psychiatric Association meeting as a panel member for the Minority Health Fellows.

Shah, S., DeMatteo, D., Keesler, M., Davis, J., Heilbrun, K., & Festinger, D. (in press). Addiction severity index scores and urine drug screens at baseline as predictors of graduation from drug court. Crime and Delinquency.

Arsha Vahabzadeh has been selected to receive the 2013 AMA Foundation Leadership Award, which is presented in association with Pfizer Inc. This award will finance his travel to attend the Excellence in Medicine Awards Dinner, as well as special Leadership Award educational programming and the AMA National Advocacy Conference in Washington DC.  In addition, he has been selected as an awardee in the American Association of Directors of Psychiatric Residency Training (AADPRT) International Medical Graduate Program for 2013.

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