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November 2012


After completing the joint residency in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and Internal Medicine, Martha Ward has joined the faculty in both departments as an Assistant Professor. She is developing a collaborative care clinic at Grady Outpatient Behavioral Health that will provide primary care to people with serious mental illness. They will be operating 5 half days per week, with 30-minute follow-ups and one hour new patient assessments. They will have an RN with both medical and psychiatric training, 2 part-time case managers, and the help of a therapist. They are hoping to also have the assistance of a nutritionist. They will also have an on-site pharmacy and phlebotomist. They will place an emphasis on healthy living and nonpharmacologic treatment of common medical problems, including behavioral and dietary modification. Martha will be acting mainly as the primary care doctor for her patients, but will also address mental health issues and titrate psychiatric medications. She will be meeting with the psychiatric teams at least monthly to discuss complex cases and identify high utilizers of the Grady ER and CIS. She plans to train psych, med psych, and internal medicine residents. She is also working with Ben Druss (in the Rollins School of Public Health) to develop research projects in the clinic. They hope to begin treating patients in November.


Major Leadership Appointments, Activities and Achievements

Frank Brown will complete his term as Treasurer of the American College of Psychiatrists and begin his term as 2nd Vice President (will be President of the College in 2017). 

Nadine Kaslow has been appointed to serve as the Co-Chair for the National Network of Depression Centers Families and Depression Task Group.  


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Honors, Awards, Rankings

Frank Brown will receive the 2013 Bowis Award for Distinguished Service from the American College of Psychiatrists.

Arden Dingle was elected as a fellow of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Ann Schwartz was named a Fellow in the Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine.

Larry Young received the 2012 Daniel E. Efron Research Award from the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology. This honor goes to an individual on the basis of outstanding basic research contributions to neuropsychopharmacology.

Quality and Safety Initiatives

Rachel Holt and her colleagues (Srredevi Vayalapalli, Pamela Eilender, Ann Marie Buchanan, Jeffrey Jones, Dianna Monroe) of the Evaluation, Stabilization and Placement Team in the Substance Abuse Treatment Program at the VAMC recently completed a Yellow Belt (quality improvement) project to improve the efficiency of patient flow in the clinic.

Development Achievement and Capital Campaign Initiatives

None reported

Community Benefit Programs and Activities

Steve Garlow and Nadine Kaslow participated in an American Foundation for Suicide Prevention video related to the Interactive Screening Program (ISP).

Earlier this month Yi-lang Tang arranged for Bill McDonald to present at a conference in Beijing on ECT and neuromodulation sponsored by Dr. Ren of Beijing Anding Hospital and the Capital Medical University in Beijing.  Prior to coming to the U.S. to work with Dr. Cubells’ research group, Yilang was an attending at the Anding Hospital.

The recipients of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences 2012 Holiday Service Project the Grady Behavioral Health PSR/Peer Program and the CHRIS Kids program.

Next to Normal, our collaboration with the Alliance Theater was a great success!  The discussions and tables were well received and the inclusion of information in the Playbill was read by many. We would like to thank all of the people who worked at the tables, which provided information about research studies and  other mental health information. These people were also available to answer questions from audience members.  These people are: Bobbi Woolwine,Yamy Belis, Alice Doktor, Jared Defife,Diahann JohnBaptiste, Alex Sawicki, Marissa Coleman, Amy Cromwell, Chevelle Brudey, Kelly Scheinberg, Kimberly Fitzgerald, Kendle Hassinger, Christina Wilson and Joanna Kaye. Once again, we would like to thank, as well,  all of the faculty  who consulted with the  director and cast and  were a part of the discussions before and after the performances.  Our commitment to the community was displayed in a positive way!


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John Douglas accepted an Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship position at New York University. John also won the Travel Award to attend the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry Annual Conference.

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Kelly Scheimberg accepted an Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship position at Emory University.

Arysha Vahabzadeh’s Safety Tips for Children with Autism Who Wander appeared on the American Psychiatric Associations’ Health Minds, Health Lives blog. In addition he has been welcomed as an advisor in Psychiatry for WebmedCentral.

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Justine Wittenauer was awarded the Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry Fellowship for 2013-2014.

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Chris Owen organized a wonderful walk for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.