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October 2013


The next Faculty Development Seminar will be held Wednesday January 29, 2014 from 9-10:30am. The focus will be on getting involved at the national level.


There was a lovely party to thank Carol Levey for her 25 years or remarkable leadership as Clinical Director of the Outpatient Psychotherapy Training Program.


Major Leadership Appointments, Activities and Achievements

Marietta Collins is now working as Director of Behavioral Integration in the Emory Medical Home Program at the 1525 Building.


Rob Cotes and Andrea Crowell received funding through the Center for Faculty Development and Excellence Fund for Innovative Teaching for his proposal entitled Use of Standardized Patients for the Management of Agitation in Psychiatric Patients.

Ann Schwartz, Adriana Hermida, Jorge Juncos, and Jaffar Khan received funding through the Center for Faculty Development and Excellence Fund for Innovative Teaching for their interdisciplinary proposal entitled Bridging Psychiatry and Neurology for Emory Trainees.

For the general residency program, there are 863 total applications, 247 are from students/ graduates of LCME accredited medical schools, 42 are from students at US Osteopathic Schools, and the remaining 574 are from International Medical Graduates. We have interviewed approximately 25 so far and anticipate seeing approximately 125 by mid-January.


The following are grant updates -

Kerry Ressler's Biommarker study in the Grady Emergency Department has passed the 100th patient entered, and Barbara Rothbaum and her colleagues in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and Emergency Medicine have launched an early intervention study (funded by NARSAD) in conjunction with this study.

The following research papers have been published:

Aponte-Rivera, V., Dunlop, B. W., Ramierz, C., Kelley, M. E., Schneider, R., Blaston, B., Larson, J., Mercado, F., Mayberg, M., & Craighead, W. E. (2013). Enhancing Hispanic participation in mental health clinical research: Development of a Spanish-speaking depression research site. Depression and Anxiety. doi: 10.1002/da.22153

Carr, E. R., Szymanski, D. M., Taha, F., West, L. M., & Kaslow, N. J. (2013). Understanding the link between multiple oppressions and depression among African American women: The role of internalization. Psychology of Women Quarterly. doi: 10.1177/0361684313499900

Johnson, W. B., Barnett, J. E., Elman, N. S., Forrest, L., & Kaslow, N. J. (2013). Infusing psychology ethics with a communitarian approach. American Psychologist, 68, 479-480. doi: 10.1037/a0033635<>

Laxton, A. W., Neimat, J. S., Davis, K. D., Womelsdorf, T., Hutchison, W. D., Dostrovsky, J. A., Hamani, C., Mayberg, H. S., & Lozano, A. M. (2013). Neuronal coding of implicit emotion categories in the subcallosal cortex in patients with depression. Biological Psychiatry, 74, 714-710. doi: 10.1016/j.biopsych.2013.03.029

Massey, S. H., Compton, M. T., & Kaslow, N. J. (2013). Attachment security and problematic substance abuse in low-income, suicidal, African American women. American Journal of Addictions. doi: 10.1111/j.1521-0391.2013.12104.x

Rozensky, R. H., Celano, M., & Kaslow, N. J. (2013). Implications of the Affordable Care Act for the practice of family psychology. Couple and Family Psychology: Research and Practice, 2, 163-178. doi: 10.1037/cfp0000009

Strickland, D. C., Coles, C. D., & Southern, L. B. (2013). JobTIPS: A transition to employment program for individuals with autism spectrum disorders. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 43, 2472-2483. doi: 10.1007/s10803-013-1800-4

Honors, Awards, Rankings

Nadine Kaslow was invited to attend the mhGAP Forum at the World Health Organization in Geneva, for the roll out of the Global Mental Health Action Plan: 2013-2020. The Forum was attended by 48 UN member states including 14 ambassadors, 58 partners, and several intergovernmental and UN agencies. The Action Plan can be downloaded from here.

Ray Young will be awarded Fellowship Status in the Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine in November in Tucson.

Quality and Safety Initiatives and Capital Campaign Initiatives

None reported

Community Benefit Programs and Activities

A meeting for the Friends of Emory Psychiatry was held on October 9, 2013 , to introduce donors to our Department and let them know some of the things that are occurring in hopes of getting their support with philanthropy. Several of our faculty attended and let these donors know of how philanthropy helps with their work. We will be continuing to meet with potential donors. If anyone in the Department knows of people who might be interested in supporting our various clinical , research or educational endeavors, please have them contact Phyllis Rosen LCSW at<>.

Greg Berns did a book signing for his book "How dogs love us", which is based on his work with dogs and MRI imaging.

Nori Lim did a presentation on Coping with Stress and Anxiety at Druid Hills High School's Parent-Teacher-Student-Association meeting.

The Department supported a team to walk in the NAMI walk in Piedmont Park on October 5, 2013. Bobbi Woolwine spearheaded this effort along with Vicki Carroll.


None reported

Emory in the Media

Greg Berns: (1) New York Times - Dogs are people too, (2) Psychology Today - Animal emotions: Do animals think and feel, (3) Fox News - Dogs have human emotion, (4) BBC - Do animals have feelings?, (5) Washington Post - After scanning the brains of dogs, a scientist argues that they have emotions

Lauren Castriota: (1) NPR - Airport workers to participate in autism training. Click for more information on the AWARE program for autism.

Claire Coles participated in a very successful Telesummit, Living with FASD. Close to 1000 people accessed her presentation and she received the highest ratings of all speakers.

Helen Mayberg: (1) New York Times - Agency initiative will focus on advancing deep brain stimulation

Andy Miller: (1) Science World Report - Pasta and carb-rich food linked with depression and inflammation

Other Accomplishments

The following individuals are involved with the Strategic Planning Initiative.

Leadership Group - Mark Rapaport (Chair), Jan Stevenson, Bill McDonald, Frank Brown, Nadine Kaslow, Ed Craighead, Mike Owens

Advisory Committee - Cynthia Wood (Chair), Rick Gilkey, Jan Stevenson, Jennifer Fleming

Community Workgroup - Gene Farber and Phyllis Rosen (Co-Leads), Eve Byrd, Larry Young, Miles Crowder, Scott Firestone, Marianne Celano, Larry Tune, Claire Coles, David Goldsmith

Platform Workgroup - Robert Cohen and Karen Cobham-Owens (Co-Leads), Boadie Dunlop, Robert Cotes, Tanya Mlestko, Carolyn Acker, Dan Hoke, Rachel Goldberg, Jared DeFife, Becky Kinkead

Culture Workgroup - Robin Holt and Ray Kotwicki (Co-Lead), Steve Levy, Tracy Woods, Sinead Quinn, Marietta Collins, Rickey Gillespie, Alicia Smith, Bekh Bradley-Davino, Julie Pace, Walid Nassif, Tanja Jovanovick, Jessica Cohen

The following individuals are on the Brain Health Initiative Workgroups.

Education: Ann Schwartz and Jaffar Khan (Co-Chairs), Ray Kotwicki, Cynthia Wood

Research - Boadie Dunlop and Jim Lah (Co-Chairs), Suzette Laroche, Susan Peterson-Hazan

Patient Care - Ray Young and Stewart Factor (Co-Chairs), Adriana Hermida, Sherry Dey, Glenn Egan, Toby Goldsmith, Nicole Bell, Thomas Wichmann, Janet Cellar, Sandra Helmers, Vita Kesner (also supported by Lynn Marie Trotti or Felicia Goldstein)

Technology - Barbara Rothbaum and Eric Anderson (Co-Chairs), Mark Overcash, Brian Jones, May Wang, Leanne West, David Gutman, Dan Hoke

Administration - Robin Holt and Becky Kinkead (Co-Chairs), Tariq Qureshi, Jan Stevenson, Cynthia Wood


Rachel Ammirati has organized a Halloween event, Goodies for Ghouls and Boils at three local homeless shelters that serve women and children: Genesis Shelter, Nicholas House, the Atlanta Children's Shelter, and the YWCA Women in Transition Program. Rachel will be donating 131 plastic pumpkins full of candy, games, and costume accessories to these homeless children. She also spoke at the Science Spooktacular at Wood Acres School, where she taught 150 children about the nature of science by suing popular ghost hunting programs as an example of ineffective scientific methods. Last month she gave a QPR suicide prevention talk at the Gateway Center.

Rachel Goldberg and Ann Schwartz participated in the Georgia Psychiatric Physician's Association Advocacy Fly-In in Washington DC. They met with several members of the Congressional Delegation to advocate for psychiatry and our patients.

Dorian Lamis has been appointed to two editorial boards: (1) Journal of Psychology and Therapeutics, and (2) Suicidology Online.

Rachel Waford is receiving the Guy Stevenson Award for the most outstanding graduate student at the University of Louisville. This award is given annually for excellence in graduate studies and honors and student who excels in scholarship, leadership, and others areas within their discipline. She will provide remarks during the December hooding ceremony and will carry the banner for the graduate school.

Kuvaas, N. J., Dvorak, R. D., Pearson, M. R., Lamis, D. A., & Sargent, E. M. (2013). Self-regulation and Alcohol Use Involvement: A Latent Class Analysis. Addictive Behaviors. DOI: 10.1016/j.addbeh.2013.09.020

Osman, A., Lamis, D. A., Freedenthal, S., Gutierrez, P. M., & McNaughton-Cassill, M. (2013). The Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support: Analyses of internal reliability, measurement invariance, and correlates across gender. Journal of Personality Assessment. DOI: 10.1080/00223891.2013.838170


Shayla Smith, sole full-time front desk employee at our Geriatric Psychiatry Outpatient Clinic at Wesley Woods Health Center, was recognized by Emory Healthcare as an exceptional service employee during Service Week 2013. Shayla works diligently to ensure a smooth daily work flow for both her and the clinical staff.