Program Information

Facts and Figures

EOIt is estimated that at least 1/3 of students with ASD attempt to earn a college degree. Of these, 40% will graduate or earn a credential of any form.

The College Autism Network estimates that there are approximately 86 colleges and universities in the US (and only 1 in Georgia) who have developed a formal support program for college students with ASD.

Of these 86 colleges and universities, less than 25% are comprehensive, addressing not only completion of academic requirements but supporting the social, emotional, vocational and life skills needs of its participants.

Taking Action

Social Emotional - Services to include: mental health assessment upon entering freshman year, monthly social & volunteer opportunities, peer mentors, individual counseling

Vocational - Services to include: regular collaboration with Career Center, direct instruction of vocational skills, access to volunteer & internship opportunities

Adult Living - Services to include: direct instruction of adult living skills, collaboration with Residence Life, regular dorm/apartment check-ins

Academic - Services to include: academic coaching, regular meetings with academic advisors, regular communication with faculty members, and academic accommodations