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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Peer-Reviewed PE Consultant!  The application process includes two phases.  The Phase 1 Application includes your professional background, prior experience with PE, familiarity with PE content and a brief description of why becoming a PE consultant would be useful to you or your agency.  We will review Phase 1 Applications and then invite a subset of highly qualified applicants to complete Phase 2 Applications.

Phase 2 Applications include a detailed implementation plan for trainee recruitment and consultation logistics.  Additionally, Phase 2 Applications include the submission of two recordings of your own PE delivery.  We request recordings from two different patients and at two different stages in the protocol.  We have a HIPAA-compliant online platform to transfer recordings.  Further details regarding the Phase 2 Application will be provided to candidates selected from the initial pool of applicants.

We are not accepting new applications at this time. For any questions or concerns, please contact the program manager, Andrew M. Sherrill, PhD (