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Phenotyping Major Depression with Increased Inflammation

Principal Investigator: Andrew Miller, MD

Population: Patients with Major Depression

Summary: The study examines the level of inflammation in a person’s body as it relates to his symptoms of depression, the level of hormones in his blood, and the quality of his sleep and cognition. The study does not include any treatment, but we hope to foster the development of a novel approach to individualized treatments for people with depression. The study consists of two office visits, two screening visits, and a 3-day and 2-night stay in Emory hospital’s research unit. At the initial office visit, the interested person reviews the consent form and study procedures with our program director. Candidates typically sign the consent form at another intake visit after they have had time to review and discuss it with family members. One of the outpatient screening visits involves mostly medical assessments, and the other visit consists of psychiatric evaluations. If participants meet study criteria based on the assessments from the screening visits, they are eligible to participate in the 3-day stay at Emory hospital. During the stay at Emory Hospital’s research unit, subjects will participate in 2 overnight sleep studies, a series of blood draws, a lumbar puncture, and several psychiatric evaluations.

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