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Emory CALM Study: Examining the effects of behavioral interventions on emotional well-being and medical health.

Principal Investigator: Andrew Miller, MD

Population:  Medically and psychiatrically healthy participants

Summary: The study will explore whether behavioral interventions affect health and wellbeing by improving how the body responds to stress. Two of the interventions include training in meditation. The third intervention will provide education on a number of important health topics in a supportive group environment. The study has two phases.  The first phase will last 12 weeks and will involve completing a number of assessments, and will require two separate visits to the research unit of Emory University Hospital. At each visit, participants will spend one day at the hospital research unit, and will undergo various study procedures that include placement of an IV (intravenous line). Participants will also attend a training class one evening per week for 8 weeks, and will wear a digital audio recorder for 2 weekends.  Phase two is a follow-up period that will occur within six months of completing the first phase.  It will involve completing a number of assessments and wearing a digital audio recorder for a weekend. 

Allison Williams, Research Project Coordinator
Phone: 404-778-2256