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Nigat Project

Nigat, the Amharic word for dawn, is a project that aims to understand and address the mental health need of Ethiopian Immigrants in Atlanta. Funded through Emory University’s Bidirectional Global Health Disparities Research Pilot Grant program, the Nigat interprofessional team includes psychologists, psychiatrists, public health experts, anthropologists, information technology specialists, and community stakeholders from the US and Ethiopia. 

Our first objective is to examine the emotional well-being and help seeking behaviors of Ethiopian immigrants in the greater Atlanta area. We plan to use what we learn from community members’ responses to surveys and focus groups to develop in collaboration with community partners culturally responsive psychological interventions to improve the well-being of Ethiopian immigrants in our community. To support our efforts, we are collaborating with community leaders and members, building partnerships with local organizations, and enlisting the guidance of our Community Advisory Board.

Contact Information: or 470-210-8056