Emory Oaks


A support program for autistic students at Emory University.

Emory Oaks is a support program for autistic students enrolled at Emory University. Participating students have access to a staff member who is called a Support Navigator (SN). The SN meets with students regularly (e.g., weekly) to get to know the student in terms of their goals, gifts, interests, and strengths. From there, the SN and the student work collaboratively to identify goals and the SN is there as a support ensure that students indeed access the supports and services at Emory that they need or desire. Some common connections include access to Emory entities that provide academic accommodations, career support, mentors, academic coaching, mental wellness support, and others based on feedback from the student.


That every autistic student at Emory has a thriving, positive, goal directed experience; achieves a sense of belonging and community; and graduates with a clear and successful plan towards employment, career development, or further education.