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The next Faculty Development Workshop is entitled “Successful Professional Transitions in Mid and Late Career,” and it will be held on Wednesday, September 16 from 9:00 to 10:30am.

The seminar after that will be on November 18 from 9:00 to 10:30am and will focus on “Interactive and Engaging Teaching Approaches.”


Brian Dias has joined the Department as an Assistant Professor (tenure-track). Brian started his scientific career in India, where he obtained a MSc from the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research working with Vidita Vaidya on the neural mechanisms via which stress and antidepressant treatments impact the developing and adult rodent brain. He then went on to receive a PhD at the University of Texas at Austin, where he studied the social behavior in lizards with David Crews. Wanting to pursue the study of behavior in a genetically tractable model organism, Brian pursued a first postdoc with Bruce Baker at the HHMI-Janelia Farm Research Campus. Realizing that his scientific interests had remained rooted in the study of the determinants of mental health, Brian pursued a second postdoc opportunity under the mentorship of Kerry Ressler here at Emory. During his time at Emory, Brian has published his work in journals like Nature Neuroscience and Neuron. His future work in the Department will seek to understand how trauma impacts the nervous system, physiology, and reproductive biology of generations that have directly experienced trauma, as well as their descendants. In addition, he plans to investigate the neurobiology via which gonadal hormones like estrogen contribute to sex differences in behavioral phenotypes of neuropsychiatric disorders that can be modeled in animals.


Major Leadership Appointments, Activities and Achievements

Claire Coles was appointed to the Reproductive Environmental Health Assessment and Risk Reduction Guidance Expert Advisory Group of the American College of Medical Toxicology.


None reported


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Honors, Awards, Rankings

Marianne Celano received the Child Psychiatry Arden D. Dingle Education Award from the child and adolescent psychiatry residents.

Erica Duncan received a perfect score on a VA Rehabilitation Research and Development Grant entitled “Aerobic exercise for cognition in schizophrenia.”

Catherine Rice, the Director of the Emory Autism Center, was appointed as a Professor on the Clinical Track.

Jeff Sanders, Shannon Gourley, and Jennifer Felger received travel awards from ACNP.

Quality and Safety Initiatives and Capital Campaign Initiatives

None reported.

Community Benefit Programs and Activities

None Reported.


None Reported.

Emory in the Media

Greg Berns: (1) Salon.Com – Are killer whales persons?, (2) Indo Asian News Service – How dolphins ‘hear’ a sound, (3) NBC – Dolphin brain scan reveals surprising similarity to bats

Nadine Kaslow: (1) CNN – A better night’s sleep is all in your head, (2) Georgia Health News – Alcoholics Anonymous convention hits Atlanta, (3) NPR – Leading US psychologists secretly aided CIA torture program, (4) Dance Magazine: In a slump? Rediscover your motivation so you can give it your all at the studio, (5) Medpage – Vietnam war vets still plagued by PTSD: Findings underscore need for long-term mental health, (6) The Guardian - US torture report: Psychologists should no longer aid military, group says, (7) New York Times – Outside psychologists shielded US torture program, Report finds, (8) New York Times – 3 leave jobs over psychologists’ involvement in terrorism interrogations, (9) Washington Post – Inquiry: Psychologists group colluded with Pentagon, CIA on interrogations, (10) USA Today – Report: Top psychologists bolstered CIA, Pentagon torture, (11) The Guardian – US torture doctors could face charges after report alleges post 9/11 ‘collusion,’ (12) Chronicle of Higher Education – Days after leak of damming report, 3 APA officials announce departures, (13) Science/AAAS – APA overhauling policies and leadership after torture report


Coles, C. D., Kalberg, W., & Kable, J. A. (2015, June). COFASP: Surveillance for fetal alcohol spectrum disorders in the United States—Tools for assessment of neurodevelopment and behavior of FASD: Surveillance. Poster presented as part of a symposium on the Collaboration for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Surveillance, at the Research Society on Alcoholism Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX.

Martha Ward and Ben Druss spoke at a symposium at the American Psychiatric Meeting with other Lancet authors about diabetes in psychotic disorders.


Calamaras, M. R., Tully, E. C., Tone, E. B., Price, M., & Anderson, P. L. (in press). Evaluating changes in judgmental biases as mechanisms of treatment of cognitive-behavioral therapy for social anxiety disorder. Behaviour Research and Therapy. doi:10.1016/j.brat.2015.06.006

Raul Galli and Jennifer Stevens received travel awards from ACNP.

Sarah Kopelovich will receive the APA Division 18 Criminal Justice Section Outstanding Dissertation Award.


Governor Deal appointed Ms. Eve Byrd to the State Housing Trust Fund for the Homeless Commission.