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The next faculty development seminar will be Wednesday May 4 from 9-10:30am on Turning a Presentation into a Publication. It will be held in SOM Room 153A.


None Reported


Major Leadership Appointments, Activities and Achievements

Becky Kinkead has become the Director of Grant Development for the Office of Postdoctoral Education.


The Georgia Council for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry recently sponsored a dinner session for the PSYCHSIG (Psychiatry Student Interest) group. Fifteen Medical and PA students interested in a career in psychiatry attended. Hasani Baharanyi and Sarah Vinson spoke with the students about careers in child psychiatry.


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Honors, Awards, Rankings

Negar Fani is receiving the Society for Clinical Neuroscience (Division 40 of the American Psychological Association) Early Career Pilot Study Award. She also was a finalist for the Donald F Klein Early Career Investigator Award for the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA).

Nori Lim is the 1st recipient of Faculty Development Funds through the new faculty development funds initiative in the department. He was awarded travel funds for his role as Conference Chair for the annual meeting of the Asian American Psychological Association.

Nancy Thompson will receive the University Scholar/Teacher award at Emory’s commencement.

Liza Zwiebach was promoted to the rank of Assistant Professor, MEST track.

Quality and Safety Initiatives and Capital Campaign Initiatives

None reported.

Community Benefit Programs and Activities

Peter Ash – Volunteer Board Member, Druid Hills Patrol

Wendy Baer – Co-Chair, Ryan’s Run 5K and Fun Run for Central Night Shelter

Miles Crowder – Volunteer, Historic Oakland Foundation at Oakland Cemetery

Karen Drexler – Volunteer through Dunwoody United Methodist Church, Habitat for Humanity, Stephen Ministry, Trinity House and Trinity Table, Sandy Springs UM Feed & Seed, and Transitional Housing Program

Erica Duncan – Walker/fundraiser, National Alliance for the Mentally Ill and American Foundation for Suicide Prevention; Election Protection Poll Monitor; Crisis Intervention Team Trainer, DeKalb County Police Force

Gene Farber – Member, Metropolitan Atlanta HIV Health Services Planning Council and Fulton County Task Force on HIV/AIDS

Sherryl Goodman – Pet therapy, CHOA and Hillside

Chanda Graves is the Camp Psychologist for Hero for Children.

Erin Jones – Board Member, Eating Disorders Information Network in Atlanta

Ishrat Khan – Member, Board of Education for a local non-profit private school; Participant, community health fairs

William McDonald – Vice Chair of the Board, Project Interconnections

Seth Norrholm reviewed research papers for the Monmouth Junior Science Symposium.

Jeff Rakofsky – Board Member, American Foundation for Suciide Prevention

Melissa Smith – Foster and volunteer, Angels Among Us Pet Rescue

Rachel Waford – Volunteer, Community Friendship, In and the PEIOP Community Partnership Collaborative for First Episode Psychosis


None Reported.

Emory in the Media 

Nadine Kaslow: (1) WXIA – Schumer to Glamour – I’m not plus size; (2) Dance Magazine – Lose weight or lose your job; (3) Associated Press – Report: Third of suicides in US are among middle-aged white males (story carried in over 100 media outlets)

Catherine Rice: (1) CNN – CDC reports no change in autism prevalence, (2) WABE-FM – Prevalence of autism spectrum disorder, (3) Huffington Post – 5 myths about raising a child with autism that need to go away

Helen Mayberg: PBS – (1) Ride the tiger: A guide through the bipolar brain

Alicia Smith: (1) Los Angeles Times - How your DNA influences your sex life

Jennice Vilhauer: (1) Bustle: 5 signs you might have atelophobia or the fear of imperfection


Seth Norrholm gave a continuing education workshop at the annual meeting of the Georgia Psychological Association entitled Managing Dual Roles when Working within Military and Veteran Populations. He also served as a research grant reviewer for the Israel Science Foundation.

Karen Rommelfanger spoke on When I becomes We: Ethical Implications of Emerging Brain-to-Brain Interfacing Technologies, University of Washington, Seattle.

Rachel Waford was the invited keynote speaker for the 2016 NAMI Georgia State Conference and Annual Membership Meeting.


Tom Cariveau received a Postdoctoral Fellowship Grant from the Autism Science Foundation for his research on a new treatment for minimally verbal girls with ASD.


Scoglia, A.A.J., Rudat, D.A., Garvert, D., Jarmolowski, M., Jackson, C., & Herman, J.L. (2016). Self-compassion and responses to trauma: The role of emotion regulation. Journal of Interpersonal Violence. DOI: 10.1177/0886260515622296