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The Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences has an Appointment and Promotion Committee that assists faculty members in the department with their career advancement through the academic ranks. The committee's purpose is to educate faculty members about the appointment and promotions process, to facilitate the appointment and promotion process, and to make recommendations regarding faculty promotions and track changes. By helping faculty view preparing for promotion as an ongoing process requiring continuous updating of materials, the committee increases the likelihood that promotions' documents are comprehensive. The committee is comprised of the Vice-Chair for Faculty Development and nine additional members representing all major tracks and faculty levels for a three year appointment term.  

Appointments and promotions are guided by the School of Medicine's Guidelines on Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure.

These guidelines provide detailed information about what is required for each track for each rank. Faculty are strongly encouraged to work with their mentor(s), Division Director, and Vice Chair for Faculty Development in the process of preparing their materials.

For more detail about the promotions process within the School of Medicine, please see